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Have you been wondering what a webinar is all about? Here is a full breakdown of what a webinar is and how you can harness its features to benefit your business. The tools you need to use for a successful webinar and the best software to help you achieve your conference goals are all discussed here.

A webinar is an onlineconference or meeting that connects people from different locations together atthe same time using the internet. Webinars mostly feature a presentation or apeach usually to sell an idea, a product, or a service.

Webinar as a marketing tool is used by businesses to interact with their customers directly. The live feature of webinars makes it possible to generate more engagement and a better ROI. It also helps business owners build long-term relationships with their customers.

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The salient factors that distinguish a webinar include

#1 Live streaming or video presentation

Mostly, a motion webcam or maybe a digital video camera is used to project live-action to the audience. In other cases, a video file is pushed to the audience

#2 Slideshow presentation

A prepared slideshow for illustrating the topic of discussion can also be presented to the audience. The mouse pointer comes in handy here to help discuss better.

#3 Meeting recording

A webinar session can be recorded whether the audio or the video so it can be shared later or just for reference purposes.

#4 Polls and Surveys

This feature allows webinar hosts to present the audience with questionnaires which can help the presenter make informed decisions based on audience answer.

#5 Text Chat

This is best for the live question and answer section. The chat can be generalized to all the audience or could be with individuals.

#6 Whiteboard with Annotations

This helps attendees or even the presenter to make notes on a given whiteboard platform. It also makes it possible to highlight grey arrears in slideshow presentations.

#7 Desktop sharing or Screen sharing

This is facilitated byspecific webinar applications that allow attendees to see what the presenterhas on their screen. With this feature, the participant could be given accessto remote desktop control of the presenter’s screen.

What is WebinarJam Black Friday Deal 2021?

There are several webinar platforms available today through which you can host your web conference. However, to get the best result with little technical expertise, at minimal cost, you need to use the best webinar platform.

WebinarJam free trial is arguably the best webinar platform for hosting a marketing conference as it is optimized to help you get maximum sales.

Is WebinarJam FREE Trial Worth it?

The WebinarJam platformhas an array of outstanding features that makes it stand out as the bestwebinar platform for marketers. Let’s take a quick look at some of the salientpoints, amongst others.

#1 Expanded Streaming Options

With WebinarJam, you get to stream your webinars on several platforms simultaneously. WebinarJam capably hosts up to 5,000 participants for a live event. Not only this, but the platform is also integrated with Youtube live, expanding the reach of your broadcasts to your subscribers. You can also opt for other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter

#2 Availability Across Numerous Devices

WebinarJam offers you aplatform to reach an audience across all spheres and from diverse locations.The streaming software is supported on all operating systems and browsers. Thismakes it impossible to download the live conference.

Knowing fully well your clientele cuts across various groups, you can customize your live page to suit all participants. This is made possible with the PageJam feature that allows building mobile-friendly pages

#3 Multiple Event Hosts

This is a rare featureon webinar platforms. The Co-Host feature allows you to invite other experts tocontribute in building a pool of knowledge for your audience. WebinarJam allowsa maximum of six hosts at a time on the live event. The screen is partitioned,and you get to toggle the hosts as you deem fit.

In the same vein, you can engage your audience by extending the chance to present to any participant. This allows you to give the audience a voice, thereby building trust. They get to share their opinions better, and your business gets better for it.

#4 Maximized Chat Experience

The chat room is one of the most vital parts of a webinar. It avails you the opportunity to interact with your audience. This is why WebinarJam has put in place strategic chat variations spanning from private messaging to public announcements. All these with you as the moderator, meaning you get to remove trolls and delete unwanted messages

#5 Vast Presentation Tools

How well a presentationis structured determines how well a webinar session would go. That’s whyWebinarJam has put specific tools in place to help you deliver a top-notchperformance. WebinarJam has a video mode where you can pile up videos to helpsell yourself better.

Conversely, with the virtual whiteboard, you can mark any region on the screen, and also the presentation interface that functions seamlessly with your slides from a PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote. As a plus, you get to pre-upload your files in the cloud, for ease of access in tight situations.

#6 Pre Event Planning

Using WebinarJam makes it easy to set up a webinar session. You start by choosing the type of event you want to host, whether recurring or one-off, and also the duration. Itis based on the schedule that notifications are sent out to invitees while considering time zones.

The registration link you send out can be linked to your site to help draw more attention. Also, you could get emails containing the link sent to your mailing list. You can get automation working for you with targeted emails and SMS to remind registrants. Lastly, you can put up a countdown on the session page as a sign for attendees.

#7 Full Live Event Control

WebinarJam gives youcomplete power over your webinar session. You can set up a payment to getaccess to your webinar link. You also get your event password protected to giveyou and the participants the best cruise.

For your live session, you can stress less with features such as multi-language translation for an international audience. You also get to push important files to attendees or even create a redirect to another webpage. All the while getting your event recorded automatically

#8 Create Effective CTAs

One of the difficulties business owners face using webinars is getting participants to access their site and get actual returns, not so with WebinarJam. Make current offers on your webinar page with WebinarJam, and you could modify the offers as time-bound or limited.

#9 Post Conference Follow-Up

WebinarJam compiles thenumber of registration link clicks, participants, bounces, engagements,purchases, and other statistics to give you useful analytics. This can help youmake informed decisions about how to better improve your live sessions.

Combining this with thefeedback you get from polls and chat, you can set up a course of systematicactions to different classes of the audience. WebinarJam uses the boolean logicto help you determine what reaches each set of participants after the event.

Things to Know Before you Grab the WebinarJam $1 14 days Trial

Hosting your firstwebinar can seem scary as you are not familiar with the various features anduse of the application. But, hosting a webinar has been made easy with theadvent of webinar software, the various tools needed to hold a webinar havebeen put in place successfully.

First, you need toselect the best webinar platform suitable for your meeting. For example, if thegoal of your web conference is to gather people online and personally explainhow your products work, then WebinarJam is the right tool for you.

After you haveregistered with the platform, you schedule a meeting. Then a link is given toyou to send to your target audience so they can join. Before the meeting, youcan customize the platform to best suit the event. You get slideshows,infographics, videos, and any other files you might want to share in place.

On the day of the event,double-check your accessories like the headset, microphone, and webcam. Makesure your internet connection is stable also. During the meeting, make sure youmake it as interactive as possible, you can better do this using features likedesktop sharing, live chat, and so on.

Then, after the live session, you get to answer the questions of attendees. After this, you can present them with a survey to help you get opinions on ways to better improve your meetings. You can also share the recording of the meeting with participants.

WebinarJam $1 Trial FAQs

What coupon should I use to get the WebinarJam Black Friday Discount?

You don’t need to use any coupon code to avail of the discount. You can click the link in this post to get Webinarjam at a discounted rate.

Will Webinarjam slow down my website?

As long as you optimize your website correctly, your site should perform just fine.

What type of support will I get for Webinarjam if I get the Webinarjam Black Friday Deal 2021?

The support team works around the clock to ensure that their customer’s issues are resolved quickly.

Is the auto-record feature available to customers that get the Webinarjam Black Friday Deal 2021?

Yes, all of your webinars will be recorded and stored automatically, even if you get Webinarjam at a discounted rate.

I already paid for another webinar software. Can I make use of this discount later?

No, once the offer period ends, you will need to buy Webinarjam at the regular pricing. It’s likely that such a big discount won’t be offered till Black Friday next year. Make sure you don’t miss out!

WebinarJam Black Friday Deal Conclusion

Are you thinking about hosting a webinar soon, and you are not sure which platform to go with? I’m sure this write-up has enlightened you as touching what to expect with the WebinarJam free trial.

Especially if you own a small or medium business and are looking to get your customers engaged more, WebinarJam is your best bet.